THE HISTORY OF BEMER TREATMENTThe world-patented Bemer treatment was discovered by renowned professor of the University of Berlin, Dr. Med. Rainer Klopp. During his research, he established that magnetic therapy improves the blood and oxygen supply to the cells. Since 1998, the treatment that improves microcirculation has been available to everyone who wants to maintain their health. The healing procedure, free of side effects, relieves back pain and locomotor complaints, and also improves well-being. Thanks to its effectiveness, the therapy quickly became a popular concept in preventive medicine. Bemer magnetic therapy is both a practical and budget-friendly choice for arterial occlusion diseases, acute and chronic pain, excessive fatigue and back problems. In contrast to taking medicines that contain a lot of chemical substances, the blood flow does not slow down here. Thus, you do not need to compromise on your health at all. This is the only magnetic therapy treatment that is clinically proven to improve your health. The use of the therapy has been shown to relieve spinal pain and promote healing of injuries.
What are the proven results of the Bemer treatment?21% wider microvessels29% more efficient blood distribution in the capillaries27% faster rhythmic alternation in the microcirculation29% more oxygen extraction31% invigorated venous flow

HOW CAN BEMER MAGNET THERAPY TREATMENT HELP YOU?Bemer vascular therapy stimulates the microcirculation with the help of the magnetic field, thanks to which the performance capacity of the cells increases. With the therapy, also known as the Berlin microcirculation treatment, waste products are removed from our body sooner, and the microcirculation of the liver and kidneys also improves.
How does the Bemer treatment work?During the treatment, which is painless and without physical agents, you lie on a comfortable and soft BEMER device, which consists of electromagnetic fields. During therapy, a slight, pleasant vibration is felt, which is due to the stimulation of microcirculation. After the personalized treatment, you can always continue your day fresh, relaxed and feeling refreshed. Since our body is approx. It is 75% water, which is why the ions in it open channels that again deliver nutrients to hungry cells at a sufficient speed.
BENEFICIAL EFFECTS OF THERAPYIt reduces stress and fatigueIt is a fact that personal or work stress can sometimes put a heavy burden on our shoulders. Daily, excessive effort can exhaust the body in as little as 2-3 weeks. If we don't recharge physically and mentally from time to time, painful nerve pinches and more serious illnesses can make our lives miserable in addition to frustrating distraction. However, the secret of Bemer therapy lies precisely in the fact that the magnetic treatment also works perfectly as a relaxation and rest program. After the first-class therapy, also from the point of view of relaxation, you can be physically and mentally refreshed, so that tomorrow will be anxiety- and pain-free.

It strengthens the immune systemThe immune system is our body's important line of defense against bacterial infections and viral diseases. With vitamin-rich nutrition, 3-4 hours of exercise per week and approx. with 8 hours of restful sleep a day, it performs its protective tasks with sufficient efficiency. With Bemer therapy, however, it functions as a real strength. Thanks to physical vascular therapy, the immune system can use its resources to fight against harmful viruses and bacteria. Since the treatment has a stress and antispasmodic effect, it takes the burden off the immune system. So you finally don't have to deal with fatigue and stress management.
It accelerates vasomotionVasomotion is the pulsating movement in the smallest blood vessels that distributes the blood in the microcirculation. The rhythmic movement of the precapillary sphincter muscle rings supplies the capillaries with a sufficient amount of blood. As a result of the treatment, the smallest blood vessels move faster and with a more intense pulsation. Physical and mental performance increases, which brings new impetus to the tired everyday life. The healing processes also speed up, and the body once again devotes its strength to recovery as soon as possible. The stimulated vasomotion is due to the fact that during therapy:
Oxygen supply to the tissues increasesClogged capillaries are openedRed blood cells transport oxygen fasterThe microvessels dilate and the blood supply improves significantly.

WHAT PROBLEMS CAN THE BEMER TREATMENT BE USED FOR?Back pain. In the case of spinal and lower back problems, the therapy stimulates the local blood supply, so tired, strained muscles regenerate sooner. It is especially recommended for office workers to prevent back problems.Sleep disorder. If you often toss and turn during the night, it can be caused by stress and pain. With Bemer therapy, on the other hand, you get a healing but perfect relaxation program at the same time, so that you wake up rested every morning.Headache. Without adequate oxygen supply and hydration, splitting, shooting or stabbing headaches can occur. However, by dilating blood vessels and speeding up metabolism, headaches can be prevented.Circulation disorders. You can improve disturbed microcirculation with electromagnetic therapy comfortably and without the slightest pain. Capillaries become more flexible so that they can perform their logistical tasks perfectly and blood circulation disorders are eliminated.Balance disorder. Loss of balance can also be caused by exhausted muscles and joints. The treatment helps both the blood supply of the muscles and the rapid regeneration of the joints.Metabolic problems. In addition to a healthy lifestyle and sports, it is advisable to choose Bemer. Thus, metabolism can be further stimulated and digestion and general well-being can be significantly improved.