I'm Lotti Gálfi. Building on my physiotherapist-physiotherapist qualification, I have mastered many other therapies, and I have been continuously expanding my knowledge ever since. I treat complexly, which means that I do not use what I have learned separately, but within the same therapy, exactly what is needed. This is also true for the tools I use. By delving into osteopathy, my perspective has completely changed, I look at the body as a unit to the extent that I don't take a swollen, painful knee out of it. Even during the examination, I look for correlations, so that the goal is not only to eliminate swelling and pain, but also to provide the body with help in a long-term way to retain and develop the recovered balance :)
Therapies: Jaw joint, visceral, craniosacral osteopathy, Triggerpoint, scar, n.Vagus, footreflex zone treatment, FDM and other fascia therapies, laser, Bemer, cupping, Flossing, Mulligan, Dorn manual therapy
Exercises: physiotherapy, Schroth, Evminov, Triplex spinal exercises and others can also be part of the complex treatment