Therapies: temporomandibular joint-Jaw therapy, Visceral-, Craniosacral osteopathy, Triggerpoint , scar, n.Vagus, Foot reflexology, FDM- and other fascia therapies , laser, Bemer, cupping, Flossing, Mulligan-, Dorn manualtherapy Exercise: Physiotherapy, Schroth-, Evminov-, Triplex spine therapy


First session is HUF 22,000 which includes the 1st examination / 1 session (50p) Every other session is HUF 17,000 / 1 session (50p) ONLY IN PERSON! (all techniques/equipment/gymnastics/all the therapies that are necessary, tailored to the individual, without surcharges. If maintenance treatment is required due to the existence of certain diseases or conditions, it is possible to book a pass based on individual consultation. The 1st time also includes a health assessment.)


HUF 15,000/1 time (50p) - ticket price according to agreement IN PERSON OR ONLINE (individual movement therapy, which includes all the various therapies I have learned, such as Schroth therapy, sports physiotherapy, physical therapy, etc., which are just what is needed. It also includes a condition assessment for the 1st time.)


HUF 17,000/1 session (50p) (if you just want to relax, with a preventive goal, or if the week was difficult, you want your body to release the stress. The first time a health assessment is also part of it.) ❤️ CONDITION ASSESSMENT without treatment: HUF 15,000/ 30 p ONLY IN PERSON!