After the patient examination, we decide together with the patient what will happen during the therapy, as well as the subsequent goals and the necessary actions. What will happen? 

🕵️-After reserving the appointment, please review the examination sheet, which you can access here with the examination sheet menu item or on my Facebook page. Since everything is related to everything, it is not only musculoskeletal complaints that are needed, but also whether you are bloated, have a caesarean section scar, dental implant, tinnitus, jaw clicking, constant runny nose for no reason... Everything 

😁 -     If you have this, the patient examination part will be much faster, and I'm sure nothing will be forgotten. When you come, we quickly run through the questions and current complaints, then the physical examination follows. This includes tests that examine correlations. For example, in the case of shoulder complaints, we will also check the mobility of your stomach and liver. 

💆🤸🧘-If we get a more comprehensive picture, then we can start the therapies-gymnastics. ~~~An abdominal scar can also cause limited shoulder movement👀 let's try it, hold your shirt at your lower abdomen (where the scar from caesarean section, appendicectomy, inguinal hernia surgery is used to be) and try to raise your arm this way. If there is an inflexible, non-slip scar in one place, it can cause such problems. Therefore, in this case, in addition to the shoulder - other areas of concern - the scar must also be treated. ~~~ 

😊 Osteopathy includes all locomotor system, fascial-connective tissue, craniosacral, visceral-internal organ therapies. He looks at the body as a unit, there is no separate shoulder or knee, we examine and treat the body and soul together. 

🍀The goal is to give the body and soul all the possible help to heal more effectively and return to a state of balance where it can compensate for 20 hours of sedentary work a day, old injuries, and a stressful lifestyle without complaint. You must bring your findings with you, and clothes in which you can move, you can be examined.

💃 After treatment, any treatment affects the functioning of the body, if we cause a change in this, a corresponding response will also occur. This takes place in the days following the treatment, significant skin redness may occur in connection with the connective tissue treatment, which is darker in direct proportion to the presence and severity of the existing complaint. The absorption time of skin redness can take up to 1 week. Due to the fact that the movement chain changes, the body begins to perform movements that it previously did little or not properly, so the posture improves - muscle fever can occur, this belongs to the regulation of muscle balance.

💧 After the treatment, the increased selection of deposited waste materials also begins. Adequate fluid replacement and movement are essential, as proteoglycans can only bind pure water. Whether it is improving the function of an organ or solving adhesions affecting the locomotor system, a clear liquid is needed so that a substance can form between the tissue layers that is not sticky like oil, thereby ensuring life-giving mobility, sliding, and the flow of fluids. These side effects may disappear within a few days.

😇 A treatment is only the beginning and the opportunity to start reaching the right state, for a full recovery after the treatment, the body must be provided with conditions such as physiotherapy/rehabilitation movement therapy, adequate fluid intake, etc. Many diseases can cause pain and muscle pain, which is why complaints must be examined by a doctor. Although the reduction of pain does not mean you are already healthy, it does bring freedom of movement and a changed autonomic nervous system state, thereby providing a better internal organ functional state, which will enable the body to heal better. All treatments are based on a verbal agreement and are done for the sake of pain-free movement. When you get rid off your pain, you get a huge freedom to make your life better, to live in a body what you can love with full heart, which is able to give you the experiences you desire, like hugging your beloved ones, go to a place what you always wanted to visit🕉