A treatment method complementary to Dorn therapy is the Breuss massage technique. While the Dorn method is a manual joint correction technique, the Breuss massage is a relaxing, soft disc regenerating massage. The Breuss massage can be used both before and after Dorn therapy corrections, which help to relax the muscles, reduce pain and speed up regeneration. Manual therapy can be made easier and more painless with a Breuss massage performed before Dorn therapy. After Dorn therapy, it helps with relaxation and regeneration. In practice, of course, the two methods can be used independently of each other! The Breuss massage is a gentle massage performed on the spine, which stretches and relaxes the spine, the muscles running next to it, and the connective tissue. For more serious spine problems, severe pain, stiff muscles or vertebrae that are difficult to move, the Breuss massage is an ideal preparation for the next Dorn therapy. However, unlike Dorn therapy, disc massage can be repeated as often as you like. With the help of the gentle and soft strokes of modern massage therapy, it can provide maximum relaxation and regenerate the body. The spine stretching techniques used during the Breuss massage effectively reduce the load on the discs.