CMD therapy - Jaw joint therapy: Disorders of the jaw joint (temporomandibular joint) and their treatment options are increasingly coming to the fore in physiotherapy, physiotherapy and the field of medicine. Craniomandibular dysfunctions are disorders that affect the masticatory joint (jaw joint). are formed in connection with its operation. As a result of malfunctioning, the various particles involved in the structure of the joint (e.g. articular surfaces, ligaments, joint capsule), or the surrounding muscles (e.g. masticatory muscles, muscles above and below the hyoid bone), and changes in the area of neighboring body parts cause disturbances in the whole joint, or in the operation of the entire system. The dysfunction can also affect areas further away from the joint (e.g. causing headaches, tinnitus, etc.). For this reason, we can often find a disturbance in the functioning of the masticatory joint in the background of many small and large, usually unpleasant symptoms. What complaints can indicate a problem with the masticatory joint?• Headache• Frequent grinding of the teeth at night• Tinnitus,• Changes in the curvature of the spine: increased lordosis, increased thoracic kyphosis• arthritis (arthritis)• Mouth closure, Mouth opening disorders• Vision disorders• Swallowing disorders• Facial pains• Non-specific toothaches• Long-term dental and oral surgery interventions• Stress.