Dorn therapy is a manual joint correction technique that aims to restore physiological positions. Dorn therapy is an effective treatment for pain, numbness, acute and chronic asymmetric body reactions. The therapy is also suitable for the treatment of other diseases that are directly or indirectly related to the spinal column. Most of the complaints in the area of the spine can be traced back to the lower limbs and their longitudinal deviations. During treatment with Dorn therapy, we have the opportunity to correct the joints, relax the muscles, treat the meridians (energy paths) running along the spine, improve the nerve and energy supply of the internal organs belonging to the vertebrae, and even affect psychological functioning. occurs in the muscles, joints, ligament system, nervous system, the functioning of the internal organs, and also in the flow of energy along the meridians, as a result of which the statics and structure of the body can change in an abnormal direction. Source: With Dorn therapy, the limbs and after examining the vertebrae, where we detect a block, we perform a correction. The good news is that after the first Dorn treatment you can feel the positive change with the reduction of your complaints.