The effect of essential oils and essential components is confirmed by numerous scientific results, so it can be considered the borderland of alternative and conventional medicine. Aromatherapy is in line with the principles of holistic healing, i.e. it can bring our body, soul and spirit into harmony. Essential oils are pure essential oils extracted from plants, which contain a lot of natural chemical compounds - they are concentrated in this way. is for our whole body. They can promote balanced emotional states, stimulate thinking, memory and bring the conscious mind to an elevated state. It helps to preserve our health, to overcome already developed diseases; it solves stress and the anxieties that are so strongly present in today's people extremely well. Last but not least, it strengthens our immune system (it also affects self-healing processes). Essential oils act at the cellular level, enter the bloodstream in 2 minutes and can be detected by blood sampling after 20-50 minutes! One drop is equivalent to 25 cups of herbal tea. The positive physiological effects of aromatherapy are now scientifically proven. Medical diagnosis and control are essential when treating diseases. The attending physician must always be informed that we would like to include the tools of aromatherapy in the support, to supplement the therapy with them. Being socialized in healing and health preservation through natural remedies and essential oils, the youngest generation will be part of a health culture of a completely different level and quality, which will have a significant role in both the short and long term.

.If you are pregnant or undergoing medical treatment, consult your doctor before using essential oils! We have a lot of research and studies that show that many essential oils can fight pathogens in a natural and effective way. Research has shown that due to their hydrophobic properties, the natural compounds of essential oils easily pass through the cell wall of bacteria, so they cannot become resistant, and can also be effective against strains of viruses and fungi. They are made up of many different natural chemical compounds. Essential oils can contain more than 100 different components. Each essential oil consists of approximately 50-60 different compounds. The classification of essential oils is important primarily from a health protection point of view. Identity and content tests are an important part of the qualification. doTerra oils are one of the safest essential oils, several of which can be consumed internally. In 2021, the FDA (Food and Drug Administration in America) recognized doTerra as a pharmaceutical-grade company for its essential oils that guarantee consistently high quality. There is a unique identification number on the bottom of each bottle, which guarantees the composition of the given product verified by gas chromatography, which can be retrieved on the Internet. Essential oils are put to a wide range of uses to enhance emotional and physical well-being

They can be used independently or in the form of complex mixtures, depending on the experience of the user and the desired effect. doTERRA essential oils are generally delivered into the body in one of three ways: aromatically vaporized, applied topically to the skin, or consumed internally in water, liquid, or capsule form. Using essential oils is incredibly simple, yet can make a life-changing difference. Essential oils are safe by nature and have few, if any, unwanted side effects when used as directed. However, they are highly concentrated and should be used with caution. Use only pure essential oils and follow label warnings and instructions. Never use essential oils on the face or in the ear canal! If redness or irritation occurs during external application, apply vegetable oil, such as fractionated coconut oil, to the affected area - water does not dilute essential oils!

If used without reason, they can be as dangerous as any other substance. Why? Because they contain so much bioactive active ingredients extracted from plants that it can literally hit our body with a horse's kick. Always follow the dosage and use instructions for the given product, and use should always be started according to the principle of gradualness. Their use is recommended as a cure, and the duration of this may vary from individual to individual, so be sure to consult your wellness advisor. It is important to emphasize that the indicated applications refer to doTERRA oils. The cheap, perfumed aromas, which may have been unjustly called essential oil, cannot be used either internally or through the skin. When used in a vaporizer and inhaled, they can also cause allergies!!! Due to its medicinal effect and natural compounds, 100% pure, controlled, tested and grown on our own farm, extracted from native plants found all over the world, the essential oils have the same quality, which is why they are more expensive! These pure, quality essential oils can be found in all doTERRA products: in blends, cosmetics , shampoo, conditioner, soaps, dietary supplements, cleaning products - and in addition, there are NO chemical, artificial or oil dilutions used in cheaper essential oils (with sunflower or other oils) in the products. Neither artificial dyes nor diethanolamine (DEA) nor formaldehyde donors nor parabens nor phthalates nor propylene glycol sodium lauryl ether sulfate (SLES) nor sodium lauryl sulfate (SLS) nor toluene Triethanolamine (TEA) and no animal testing is performed. Source: dōTERRA Oil Use | Essential Oils Online Store