FDM (Fascia Distortion Model) technique The FDM technique is an extremely fast pain-relieving movement therapy technique. The method was developed by the American doctor Stephen Typaldos. Based on the different body language of the patients showing pain, he created groups and based on this, he developed the appropriate treatment principles adapted to each pain group. With this method, the pain can be reduced even the first few times, if the problem is of tissue (fascial) origin. In addition to causing pain, the changes that occur in the various fascia and in the fascia-bone transition zone reduce the joint's range of motion, impair proprioception (position perception), muscle function also deteriorates, or coordination as well. Countless times, the patient is faced with the fact that he has passed the medical tests, but the imaging procedure does not show any structural change, but the pain is still present. In such cases, we can think of connective tissue changes, since unfortunately there is not a very proven medical test for this. FDM therapy is a painful technique, but it can be a good choice for fixing connective tissue changes.