treatment of lymphedema - lymphatic massageLymphatic massage, also known as lymphatic drainage/lymphodrainage, is a special massage that stimulates and activates the functioning of the lymphatic system and the activity of the parasympathetic nervous system. with lymph circulation, detoxification of the body, proper functioning of the immune system. Blood circulation and the supply of food to the cells are ensured by the functioning of our heart. Our lymphatic system takes care of our immune system and the removal of toxins.The lymphatic flow, the pressure in the tissues, the contraction of the walls of the lymphatic vessels, the valves in the lymphatic vessels, the suction effect of the large veins, the nervous and hormonal effects. it is operated by the contraction and relaxation of the surrounding organs and skeletal muscles (muscle pump), negative sinus pressure, diaphragm movement. In the case of insufficient muscle movement, the lymph slows down, watery accumulation - edema develops, and bacteria, fungi, and viruses that attack the body begin to multiply. The task of lymph circulation is to maintain the balance between processes inside and outside the bloodstream. If this is overturned, the fluid between the cells will predominate, causing edema stagnation.

During the lymphatic massage, we affect the connective tissue fluid. Blood is reabsorbed, lymph is pushed forward. The average flow rate of lymph fluid is 3 cm per minute. Lymphatic massage/lymphatic drainage can be used to increase the flow rate of lymph, which increases the removal of toxins. By stimulating the drainage of fluid between the tissues, we increase detoxification, the blood supply, nutrition and oxygen supply to the cells, internal organs, joints, muscles. also helps. It contributes to the healing of existing inflammations and wounds, and reduces inflammation. As a result of the treatments, swollen painful lymph nodes in sensitive lymph areas (groins, armpits, neck area), their pain is reduced, and their function improves. With the treatments, the lymphatic circulation is accelerated, as a result of which the lymphatic congestion and edema of the limbs can be reduced and eliminated.