Nowadays, the flossing technique is becoming more and more well-known as an additional (sports) rehabilitation soft tissue mobilization treatment. When applying, a special band is wrapped around the given area (muscle, joint) with a specific pull, which exerts pressure locally. Due to the pressure, pulling (traction) is created in the joint, because the joint surfaces move away from each other due to the pressure. The flossband remains on for about 1.5 minutes, during which we actively/guided actively move the given joint in as many directions as possible in the greatest extent, then we take off the band and move the joint without it, as soon as the circulation is restored, we repeat the just described 2x. Effects of the tape: 1. Sponge effect: Through the high pressure of the tape, the unwanted metabolic decomposition products are sent to the lymphatic system - so a method of cleaning processes prevails. By removing the latex band, the problematic tissue or joint becomes supplied with blood and fluid again, which stimulates the supply of nutrients, hormones, oxygen and other important substances. 2. Release of blocks: Thanks to Flossing and the movements performed together with the band, the fascia, subcutaneous connective tissue, muscles, bones and joints shift, move from their previous position and relative to each other. In this way, scarring and adhesions that cause blockages and obstacles can be removed and the ability to move improves noticeably. 3. Pain relief: The friction of the flossing tape on the skin stimulates the sensor cells under the skin - the so-called mechanoreceptors, which in turn prevent pain from being transmitted to the spinal cord. Immediately after application, the second and third named effects occur, in many cases permanently. This means that the complaints do not return the next day like a boomerang. In addition, in order to achieve a lasting therapeutic result, a few repeated applications are of course worthwhile.