What treatment method is nerve mobilization? Peripheral nerve mobilization is a special, manual technique for the nerve tissue and the structures surrounding the nerves. When and why is this necessary? The peripheral nerves are called through a sliding mechanism, they can prevent overstretching and stretching. In some cases, in anatomically narrower places, e.g. in the tunnels, this sliding movement can become obstructed, and this can lead to overstrain and compression of the nerve. Nerve mobilization based on manual and movement combinations aims to restore the disorder caused by pressure and overstrain of the nerve (pain, numbness, muscle weakness, sensation disorder). Nerve mobilization requires expertise! In order to maintain the achieved effect, patients are given personalized exercises that can be performed at home. In what cases do we use this technique? • Pain radiating to the arms and legs caused by spine diseases, numbness, sensory disturbances, muscle weakness (e.g. disc herniation, etc.) • Incorrect tunnel syndromes caused by posture or overload (e.g. carpal tunnel syndrome)• Stuck nerve root• TOS syndrome, etc.