Back pain is one of the most common musculoskeletal problems with which patients visit medical professionals. Despite its frequency, it is one of the most difficult "symptoms" to diagnose, it is very often called atypical low back pain, and the unexplained lumbago is often found, and in the case of radicular symptoms, lumboischialgia as a diagnosis. Our first task is therefore to find out what causes the pain, the symptoms and possibly the extent to which the presented imaging recordings (and their findings) overlap. The therapy must be started according to the theory set up based on the patient's report, the results of the tests performed (and the imagers). The researches of the past years have greatly changed, in some cases even overwritten and supplemented the previous therapies.
TripleX spinal therapy – taking into account scientific results – is based on three important levels:
Acute specialty - pain management: the first and most important step is the elimination of acute pain, the method of which is largely determined by various fascia treatments and targeted active and passive exercises (fascia training, decompression).Subacute department - "causal" therapy according to the pathology: corrections, movement therapy to prevent muscle inhibitions and transformations, to restore physiological muscle function, (re)teaching motor controlChronic specialist - for the sake of long-term results and sustainable health, the therapeutic work must cover the "general" of the movement system and the "reprogramming" of the neuromuscular systemsource: