visceral therapy, i.e. the therapy of the internal organs, is a relatively new, highly effective therapeutic method, with which we can help in various pathologies, in post-operative conditions, after the completion of major illnesses, or in postpartum regeneration. By mobilizing the internal organs, this therapeutic method can affect both the function of the internal organs and the joint located in the same segment. During the therapy, we use special manual techniques to dissolve adhesions in the body cavities, stimulate circulation, and restore the ability of the tissues to slide. We can influence the stretching of the fastening ligament system (ptosis), or for tissue organs that are strained due to stress (fascial). Visceral grips can help a lot when stuck during locomotor therapies. Through microsystems, we also use acupuncture points during the treatment, not just direct strokes, in order to achieve the appropriate therapeutic effect. Proper movements of the organs are extremely important, since if this is not present, organ immobilities (not movements) are lost from the movements of the musculoskeletal system. In what cases should this method be used? toned muscles• after abdominal surgeries• helping regeneration after childbirth• for digestive disorders, inflammatory bowel diseases, malabsorption• abdominal complaints that cannot be substantiated by medical diagnostic reasons• gynecological problems: painful menstruation, irregular cycle, in case of a small amount of menstruation, early menopause, ovaries cyst, endometriosis, uterine prolapse• in men: urination problem• in case of reflux, in case of diaphragmatic hernia• kidney prolapse• bladder prolapse, in case of incontinence• in case of shift of liver enzymes, in case of permanent drug therapy